Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Prog Contest: Round 1 Match 3

The Mercury Tree

"The common narrative among muso's today is that new prog is retro and even regressive, and they act like they're too cool to like prog anymore. The Mercury Tree is just one band proving the narrative is as bunk as ever. Permutations is a transitional album of alt-math-prog influenced by avant-prog, Larks-SBB-Red era King Crimson and Yes with a unique mix of microtonal sounds akin to avant-garde composer Harry Partch. Heavy, complex, melodic, and all the right kinds of dissonant, this is an astounding accomplishment for three dudes from the U.S., worthy of the highest award in truly progressive rock." - Friday13th



The Mirror's Eye

"We are a symphonic prog band from the Netherlands. Our debut album is a mix of prog and power rock/metal which is very bombastic in nature as we use a lot of orchestras and choirs. @Friday: it was mixed and mastered by Matt Smith from Theocracy (I see you have a couple of their albums 5'ed). It's a bit weird to say why I like our own music without blowing my own trumpet to much, but our selling points are an incredible singer (not me haha), diverse and intricate songs, and a very cinematic sound." - Scheumke


Getting ready to get into some proofreading and note writing for my job, so these (and the new album from New Years Day, which just moved out of the rotation in my car and into my house for a 2019 Best Of evaluation) will give me something to listen to while I work.