Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Prog Contest: Round 1 Match 1

So here's the first match up, with the descriptions given to each album by the player who entered them. Voting will continue through next Tuesday.

Thrice Mice - Thrice Mice!

"Not a lot of people realise that Germany was a cesspool of various genres and their collisions. And every trending genre they took in, they managed to recreate into something truly theirs. In the 70s prog resurgence, Germany fell head first into krautrock and jazz-prog. Amid general hits like Can, Neu! and Eloy (annual followers of Progday tourneys can also recall last year's second place holders Eden) arose a smaller underground spawn of bands. Thrice Mice was one of them. They playfully incorporate sax into their music and write generally happier Pink Floyd-isms. A perfect record for uplifting mood seekers." - Papa Universe



Wallenstein - Mother Universe

“This isn’t an album I’ve got a long history with. I’ve only just discovered it actually, but it did have some of those weirder moments I tend to like and seems relatively unknown here, so maybe y’all will like it too.” - bgillesp

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I gave them each a listen last night, and while I have a slight preference, this is going to be a tough call. I'll give each album a full three listens before I cast my vote.

I'll be back next Tuesday to tell you who I voted for, and who won. And please, play along at home -- give them each a listen, and decide who you would vote for.

In the meantime, I'll have a show to report on between now and then. So I'll see you soon.