Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Prog Contest: Round 1 Match 1 Results

Here was my vote:

Alright, I'm ready to vote. I liked both albums, but mildly. They both had their plusses and minuses.

For Thrice Mice, I liked that '60s psychedelic vibe they occasionally displayed. I also liked their vocalist, even though there were huge portions of the album where he didn't have anything to do. In a way, this made him more effective. I particularly liked the first and the last tracks. I HATED that sax intro (and outro) on the first song, though, even though I get the sense that they were playing around with their listeners and trying to be funny. But the other aspects of the album overcame it. There was a lot of jazz to the album, which isn't usually my thing, but it didn't really bother me here. A lot of the music was hot -- energetic and very enthusiastic.

The Wallenstein LP was cooler, more laid back and subtle. Their vocalist had some moments, but for the most part, I didn't really like him. His voice was so-so, and his diction was often kind of annoying. I liked the last track the best -- this was their most energetic track, the one where I felt that I heard those Jethro Tull tendencies. Most of the other songs didn't do much for me as songs.

Normally, I prefer Wallenstein's overall style of music to Thrice Mice's. But in this case, I enjoyed the Thrice Mice album a little more. Therefore, I vote for Thrice Mice.

Final Results: Thrice Mice 6 votes, Wallenstein 10 votes

Winner: Wallenstein