Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Prog Contest: Round 1, Match 8 Results

I voted early in this one. Here's what I said:

OK, I'm ready to vote. In spite of some of my comments here over the weekend, this was actually a close one.

The Tako album is classic prog rock. I heard things that sounded like ELP, things that sounded like Chick Correa, and flute very much in the style of Ian Anderson. There was also some sweet guitar. The downside is that there were parts that were a little bland. I liked the musicians better than the songs.

The Art Bears was, as expected, pretty out there. I definitely hear the strong Kurt Weill influence. The album had its ups and downs. Being a fan of melodic music, my favorite song was the one that Zig so aptly pointed out in review was modeled somewhat on the music of The Who, from the triumphant guitar to the Keith Moon-like drum parts. On the whole, though, the album was way too atonal for my taste.

The Art Bears album is by no means my least favorite album in the tournament. But I enjoyed the Tako album enough to edge it out slightly.

My vote goes to Tako.

There were a lot of interesting comments here, as the Art Bears album is quite experimental. Some of the contestants were intrigued by this; others not so much. The voting was close for most of the voting, with the winner pulling away in the end.

Final Result: Tako 9 votes, Art Bears 6 votes.

Now it's on to the Quarterfinals