Thursday, June 27, 2019

Prog Contest: Round 1 Match 6 Results

Well, this one was so close that it took an extra two days to get a result.

Once again, I was the first to vote. Here's what I said:

OK, I'm ready to vote. I suspect I'm going to surprise my friend Jethro with this one.

On first listen, I really didn't like the Trettioariga Kriget album at all. It's grown on me some with repeated listens -- I do like that second song. But there are some parts of it I just hate -- I tend to like my prog melodic, and there are times when both the vocalist and the music itself wander far from that pleasant pasture. (And this was one of those albums when my wife gave me one of those looks, and asked "Why are you listening to THIS?") I really wanted to like it, but it's just not my thing.

The Embryo was a whole different trip. I've mentioned at various times that I don't really like jazz, but that's because jazz can all too often be harsh and dissonant. (I used to know a local folk singer named Kathy Fleischmann. And any time she'd accidentally hit a clunker chord on her guitar, she'd smile and say, "Jazz!") For the most part, this music goes down smoothly, especially the third track, the aptly named "Warm Canto" -- they're right, here. It IS a warm canto.

So while I appreciated the Trettioariga Kriget a little more each time I listened to it, I still had a clear preference for the Embryo.

My vote is for Embryo.

Unfortunately, my streak of putting the curse of the cat people on the albums I vote for continued. Trettioariga Kriget roared out to an early lead in the vote. Then Embryo caught up. However, the final result was:

Final Result: Trettioariga Kriget 9 votes, Embryo 7 votes

This has the unfortunate result of meaning that Trettioarriga Kriget will be around for at least one more round. I don't mind listening to the album again. But it means that I'll have to spell the damned band name in this blog again! "Trettioarriga" indeed!

Oh well. On to Match 7.