Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Live Concerts By My Favorite Bands

After seeing Fleetwood Mac live last night, I thought I'd do a breakdown for which of my Top 25 Favorite Bands I've seen live, and how many times.

Jethro Tull - Saw them live five or six times, and saw Ian Anderson and Martin Barre live one time each.

The Who - Saw them twice.

Pink Floyd - Never saw them. This is my biggest concert regret.

Yes - Saw them officially four times, and saw Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe once (which was the best of all).

The Good Rats - Saw them probably two dozen times -- the classic lineup a few times, and later the lineup featuring Peppi and his sons a whole bunch.

Procol Harum - Saw them twice.

Bruce Springsteen - Saw him once, at his height, on the Darkness on the Edge of Town tour.

Joni Mitchell - Never saw her.

The Cars - Never saw them.

The Police - Saw them once on their reunion tour. Saw Sting live four or five times with Denise, since she'd dump me for him in a minute.

Blondie - Saw them four times, including twice in 2017 (and once where Debra Harry flashed me. Did I ever write about that here? I must have.)

Eurythmics - Saw them once, but it was one of my top shows ever.

The Smiths - Never saw them, and I refuse to see Morrissey because he's such a flake. Have tickets coming up to see Johnny Marr, though.

The Go-Go's - Saw them twice.

Fleetwood Mac - Saw them twice, including last night. Saw Stevie Nicks solo once.

Rush - Never saw them.

'Til Tuesday - Never saw them. I've seen Aimee Mann solo four times, though.

The Cranberries - Saw them twice.

Nirvana - Never saw them.

The Slant - Considering this was my wife's first band, I saw them dozens of times.

Future Bible Heroes - Saw them twice, and saw The Magnetic Fields once.

Paramore - Saw them three times.

Bayside - Saw them once.

Black 47 - Saw them four times, I think.

Blackmore's Night - Saw them four times, including once in a tiny coffee shop when they did a set between Crystal Rose sets.

I haven't listed any of the local bands that Denise and I love, each of whom we've seen a bunch of times. The Slant is the only non-national act I usually include in the list above, since they have special standing.