Monday, August 20, 2018

Review of Red Lama's "Motions"

I dropped this wee little mini-review of the Sputnik Music website about an hour ago.

Review Summary: Modern day beatnik music.

Motions is the second LP by the 7-piece Danish psychedelic rock band Red Lama. They're a pretty big thing in their native Copenhagen, although as best I can tell, they're still relatively unknown internationally. I've heard that they're an excellent live band, and that their initial LP, 2016's Dreams Are Free was pretty well received. They formed in 2011, although they're still pretty young-looking, at least to these jaded eyes. Their overall sound was described by's Alexsi Pertola as "trippy and ambient".

The sound on Motions reminds me of a combination of The Animals during their psychedelic period, and Echo & The Bunnymen around the time of their Porcupine album. Most of the album's nine tracks are either slow or mid-tempo, leaving the band plenty of room to layer their music and build atmosphere. There are lots of strange, acid-trip echoes and effects here, and bursts of distorted guitar, as well as some moody clarinet. There's also a good deal of excellent hand percussion throughout -- this is modern-day beatnik music. However, as much as I like the various guitars, flutes, etc., the band's strongest asset may well be vocalist Johannes Havemann Kissov Linnet. His voice is strong, rich and very emotive, and helps to keep the music consistently interesting. 

Motions is a good album for people who like their music heavily influenced by late '60s to early '70s psychedelica, but with modern-day production values. Just light some incense, lie back, and see where the music takes you.

Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars