Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Quick Interlude and an Off-topic R.I.P. to Bruno Sammartino

I haven't had a whole lot to say here lately, mainly because a combination of a lot of work (which is good) and family issues (which aren't so good) have kept me from catching much live music lately.

On the album front, I'm finding 2018 to be a little bit of a slow year so far, especially as compared to 2017. And I haven't been to any concerts by national acts since the OMD show, which I wrote about a few months back. Denise and I have a bunch of tickets for shows over the summer, though, so I'll have at least some stuff to talk about then.

On an off-topic note that still has to do with the entertainment industry, I was sad to read about the death of wrestling's "Living Legend" (well, now that I'm reading it, I guess that term doesn't apply anymore, but "Legend", anyway) Bruno Sammartino.

There was a period in time where my father used to take my brother and I to Madison Square Garden almost every month to see the likes of Sammartino, "Superstar" Billy Graham, Chief Jay Strongbow, etc., and although we knew the results were pre-determined, it was always a great show (especially when Bruno was on the card). I actually watched Monday Night RAW! this week, which I haven't done in years, to watch some of the tributes to Sammartino, and while today's wrestlers are physically bigger and the show is more glossy, for me, they don't hold a candle to the days of Bruno stuffing Stan Hanson under a table and standing on Billy Graham's face.

So if you need to turn this back to music, let's all pay tribute by going up on YouTube and watching the video of one of Bruno's greatest nemeses, "Classy" Freddi Blassi, and his classic original single "Pencil Neck Geek". And hard Rest in Peace, Bruno!