Sunday, August 20, 2017

Blondie Again

I really wanted a better heading for this post, but since Blondie has already used "Once More to the Bleach" and even "Blonde and Beyond", I was stuck.

Yes, after seeing Blondie 3 weeks ago in Bethel, NY, Denise and I did it again. Blondie was playing a free show at Eisenhower Park, and we couldn't resist. (Well, we could have, but we didn't). Denise and I spent five of the last six weekends on the road, but we'll get no pity from Blondie -- according to, they flew in after a show in Santiago, Chile on Friday,  after doing a show in Mexico earlier in the week. They've been on the move like crazy since the Bethel show -- I know my friend Karen caught them in Hollywood, FL on August 8. And yesterday was a pretty hot and humid day for a 72-year-old singer. So they've had much harder than I have.

I'm (hopefully) not going to write a long review of this show. But there are some things that made it great day. Among them:

1) We spent the day with our friend Rich, aka the drummer from Denise's old band The Slant; and while at the concert, we ran into theremin-playing madman Chris Peters, currently very active with Eddie Havoc's band MediaCrime, with his lovely wife Bobbi and their friend Brian, as well as the former owners of the now defunct but much-loved Pisces Cafe, Jeff and Justine. It made for a rollicking good time both at the show, and at the diner afterwards.

2) Had more luck parking and getting a spot in front of the stage than I thought we would. Then again, the concert went off about two hours later than I thought it would, so that could be why.

3) I'm not great at crowd estimating, but I'd guess there might have been close to two thousand people there last night, all of them very enthusiastic.

4) One of the reasons the show went on later than it should have was too many blathering politicians rambling on and on. You guys know that kind of thing just pisses people off and makes them not want to vote for you, right? Also some blathering from Scott Shannon of the radio station that sponsored the show, but it was a little more acceptable from him. At least he seems to be marginally into the music.

5) I was a little bit crushed to see the show was sponsored by an oldies station. Yes, in reality I know the music of the '80s is considered oldies music now, but I like to live in denial, OK? You don't need to rub my face in it.

6) Thanks much for the free hand fans, Miss Saigon Broadway revival show. They were much appreciated.

7) Thanks much, my lovely wife Denise, for packing sandwiches, cold drinks, etc. They were also much appreciated.

8) The band was smoking hot once again last night. These guys still rock.

9) The sound was muddier than it had been at Bethel, but acceptable. Not bad for a free show. Not bad at all.

10) We were further away here than we were in Bethel, so it was hard to see. No less enjoyable, though.

11) Deborah Harry had a few troubles with her voice -- she started a little weaker than she was in Bethel, then eventually warmed up, then had a little trouble again by the end of a long set on a hot, humid night. But she's such a great performer, it didn't make a difference. And as usual, I'm pretty sure the loud, drunk, young guy behind me was hers for the taking if she'd wanted him to pleasure her. She still has more sex appeal than a 72-year-old woman has any right to have.

12) The really special treat was that the band played two extra songs tonight than they did in Bethel, one during their regular set and one during the encore. They also swapped out "Monster" from their new album (which they played in Bethel) for "Gravity" also from Pollinator. And the two additional songs were gems. They added "Maria", which I haven't heard them play in years, then opened the encore with a cover of "My Heart Will Go On", which is actually enjoyable once you subtract Celine Dion from the equation.

So all in all, a totally delightful night of music.

A special shout out to my friend Steve Lieberman, The Gangsta Rabbi, who has been back in the hospital. But even from his hospital bed, he just sent me the link to a digital copy of his new double album, which I'll be reviewing shortly after its official August 27 release date. Feel better, Steve.

But right before that, my next album review will be of a classic live album put out by a great '70s band famous for their vocal harmonies.

See ya then!