Friday, February 3, 2017

Various 2016 Best Of Lists News

The lists, they are a' coming. It usually takes me until March to finish my Best Of lists for the previous year (I know, pathetic, right?) But this year, I've stepped up my game, at least a little.

At this point, I know what my Top 10 Albums of 2016 and my Top 10 Local Albums of 2016 are. I'm feverishly working on my Top 20 Songs of 2016 list. As soon as I've got that worked out, I'll start to publish. (It's currently down to 54 songs, and I'm listening to keep eliminating songs even as I type this).

I know, no one really cares, since my Mom is passed away (and to be honest, she wouldn't have given a rat's patootie either), but OCD being what it is, I still look forward to publishing my lists every year.

So that's it. I have no real news to tell you yet. The post title was just a shameless teaser. The only thing I will tell you is, unlike my many reviews, which I publish on Sputnik Music first and then copy them here, my lists will appear on this blog first before I post them on Sputnik (and there will be more details about each choice here).

I'll also have a few honorable mentions here that won't make it to Sputnik.

So that's it.

You guys can go. For now.